As a full scale shell, exterior and interior finish construction company, SLP Construction and Contractors Inc is well suited for projects of any size. Our managers and designers approach every job differently, creating strategies that are flexible yet inclusive. We map out each phase, checking everything prior to moving onto the next. In construction, details make all the difference.

Shell Services

SLP offers full service wood and metal framing, building wrap, window and door installation, siding, soffits, freize and brick box, masonary, fiber cement siding, roofing and exterior painting services. We strive to give our clients a one stop shop to complete and dry-in their projects.


FINISH! This is where the rubber meets the road. SLP provides a full service interior and exterior finish services to bring the job home. Being that we are in the front end of projects, this allows us to know where the problematic areas are and address them before finish begins. Finish is what the customer sees and all projects are judged by. At SLP, we work hard to insure we "FINISH" strong!  

At SLP Construction and Contractors Inc. we pride ourselves on giving our customers all of the attention they deserve. Our pre-construction team spends countless hours evaluating project plans and scope to find any sequencing issues and throughly look at the constructibility of each project. We spend countless hours coordinating all drawings to make sure that their are no conflicts between the architectural, structural and MEP drawings. This allows us to be get in front of potential problems before construction begins.